Missing Woman's Family Gets Terrifying Text Message From Her Phone

According to her family, 26-year-old Rajwinder Kaur is not the kind of person who would just "disappear." But that is exactly what has happened in Queens, New York, where the young woman has mysteriously fallen off the map after her sister received a text message that read: "The girl with this phone is dead was smiling."

What could it mean? Is the text message from her killer? Or has she run away, sending her family on a cruel search for her? New York police believe she joined a cult, but her family feels otherwise.

Whatever happened to Kaur, the text message does lend an air of mystery and clearly leaves her family with an inability to rest until they know the real story. If she had joined a cult, why would she send that message?


Police believe that selling all of her possessions on eBay and her recent spiritual awakening after a trip to India are both indications that the young woman left on her own volition. Still, they haven't ruled out foul play.

My heart goes out to her family because even if she meant that her old life was dead or that the girl she used to be is no longer, what could her family possibly think?

This story is similar to a story last December when Aisha Khan, a 19-year-old student who "disappeared" in Kansas, was found safe. It was unclear why she disappeared, but she did send a text message to her sister claiming a stranger was harassing her.

Her family was plunged into a similar nightmare of not knowing. Obviously, it's better when these women turn up safe. But it's hard to imagine why anyone would purposely put their families through such agony.

It's hard to imagine anything worse than losing a family member and having no idea what horror has befallen them. It seems almost unimaginably cruel to do to one's family.

So let's hope Kaur DID just join a cult. Let's hope she is somewhere where she is safe. But if she did so and she sent her sister that text message, she is also clearly in need of a lot of psychological help. What a horribly selfish thing to do someone who loves you.

What do you make of this mysterious text message?


Image via Vox Efx/Flickr

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