Freak Highway Accident Kills 8-Year-Old Because the Back Seat Still Isn't Safe Enough

semi truck back highway tractor trailerI always tend to get worried when we're headed out on a family road trip. And now I have a new one for the list. Flying truck parts. That's what killed an 8-year-old Georgia girl this week and took off her mom's arm.

The way the authorities tell it, the transmission of a semi just blew off the giant tractor trailer, flew across the median, and crashed through the windshield of Jameka French's SUV. Her daughter, Cameron Mcilwain, was all the way in the backseat where kids belong (along with her younger sister), but the impact killed her.


I know we all need the reminder that some things can't be prevented, so we should just let go of the worry, but this is probably one of the absolute worst ways the universe could deliver the message. She was just a little girl!

And her poor Mom, I can't even imagine what she is going through right now. Forget the amputated arm, she was driving along and BLAM-O! She lost one of her daughters. She's got to keep moving for little 19-month-old Kanary, who fortunately escaped with just some cuts from the glass, but I don't envy her in the least.

All I can hope is that Jameka can come to grips with the fact that this was random, that it wasn't her fault, so she can find a little peace in the midst of her grief. That's not easy to do as a mom, heck, as a human.

But that's one of the things we all need to learn about being on the road. There are millions of cars out there. Accidents are going to happen. We can be smart, safe drivers. We can put our kids in the back seat, even employ all the car seat safety rules we can. But we can't control everyone or everything on the road. Flying truck parts are just another thing we're going to have to deal with if we want to enjoy the convenience of motor vehicles and highways.

What is the scariest thing that's happened on the road ... that you couldn't control?


Image via jesiehart/Flickr

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