Army Veteran Running for Office Booted Off Ballot for Homeless Past

barbara bachmeier"Alask-duh" doesn't exactly have the same ring to it as "Flori-duh," but may be a fitting name for our northernmost state -- and not just because they elected Sarah Palin as their governor! Their latest political faux pas has to do with (now former) Alaskan Congressional candidate Barbara Bachmeier. Bachmeier is an Army veteran who would like to run for Congress. But she was just thrown off the ballot -- all because 10 months ago, she was homeless, living in a camper shell on the back of her truck, according to The Anchorage Daily News.

Now, even though Bachmeier owns her own home in the district in which she's running, the Divison of Elections is saying that she fell two months short of a 12-month residency requirement. Unbelievable!


Surprise, surprise -- it was probably Republican would-be primary rival, Gabrielle LeDoux, who orchestrated the complaint. That's what Bachmeier believes anyway. And before you jump to the conclusion that it's just sour grapes, get this. When asked if she was involved, LeDoux replied:

I actually don't think that's a relevant question. I think the only important question is whether or not Barbara Bachmeier was constitutionally eligible to run in this district.

WOW. Guess she has guilty written all over her forehead, eh? I think the only important question is why Bachmeier has been thrown out of the race for something so nitpicky and ridiculous. Especially when otherwise, she's an ideal candidate who has firsthand experience with what many veterans face when they return home.

What's more, although some candidates are denied ballot certification based on residency, it's rare for the state to remove candidates who have already been certified for the ballot as Bachmeier was. So it really does look like there are some dirty politics at play here.

Thankfully, all hope isn't lost for Bachmeier. She can go to court if she wants to challenge the decision. She doesn't have much time to do that -- with ballots due to be printed this week -- but at least there's a shot, and otherwise, maybe she could win as a write-in candidate? I'm sure there are plenty of Alaskans who will want to get behind her, in spite of this completely ludicrous situation.

Do you think Bachmeier should have been thrown off the ballot?


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