Seemingly 'Nice' Dad May Have Gassed His 3 Daughters to Death

crime scene tape"He seemed like such a nice guy!" How many times have we heard this said about someone who just the day before went and murdered their own children? But that's exactly what a neighbor said about Aaron Schaffhausen, the 34-year-old Wisconsin dad in custody for the suspected murder of his three daughters ages 5-11. And that's pretty much what other people said about that Westchester, New York father in October after he snapped and beat his wife and shot his two children to death. No charges have been filed against Schaffhausen yet, but the details sure don't seem to be on his side. 


The more I hear stories like this, the less I understand the minds of those parents. Remember the mom who abused her baby and texted video of the whole thing to the baby's father? Some parents feel so desperate and overwhelmed to the point of psychosis where they would actually consider hurting their children. I just don't get it. No matter how messed up your life gets, at least you have your children. Your kids save you, they give you the best reason ever to go on.

No motive has been released yet, but it seems that Schaffhausen was in the midst of a divorce with his wife. She was the one who called police after being concerned about some comments he made.

When police got to the home, a tidy, normal, safe residence in a family oriented neighborhood, they smelled gas right away, and then discovered the bodies of the girls, ages 5, 6, and 11. Their exact cause of death hasn't been confirmed yet.

I feel so terrible for the wife and mom who is probably going over whatever last conversation she had with Schaffhausen a million times asking why she didn't see the signs or act sooner. Thing is, no matter how much you think you know someone, you just don't. No one does.


Image via Alan Cleaver/Flickr

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