Attacking Raccoons Leave Woman With 100 Bites But She Forgives Them

When you think about wild animals turning viciously on humans, you think: Tigers! Bears! Sharks! Maybe even the occasional "rogue dolphin." But you generally don't think about a pack of marauding raccoons. But a mob of ravaging raccoons turned a Washington State woman's daily jog into a When Animals Attack nightmare that left her with over 100 hundred bites and scratches. And it could have been a lot worse if not for the fearless actions of her jogging partner -- her dog.


Michaela Lee was out jogging with her American dingo dog when they spotted two raccoons disappear up a tree. Her dog gave chase. Michaela followed to retrieve her dog and this is when it gets like some kind of a horror movie. But with raccoons.

Several raccoons came out from nearby brush and attacked the woman. If you've ever seen a raccoon live and up close, they are BIG. You think of raccoons being all Rocky Raccoon-y cute and cuddly, but they are quite fearsome, and when they are standing up on their hind legs, they can be quite tall. They also have long talon-like nails and they growl. Normally raccoons don't attack, they just threaten. However, they must have been protecting the racs who had run up the tree from Michaela's dog.

They pounced on Michaela and brought her to the ground. Her dog kept barking and growling until they eventually ran away. But she was left with wounds requiring stitches. She'll have rabies shots as a precaution.

From now on, Michaela says she'll carry pepper spray with her on the trail. She also adds that she "feels bad" for the racs since humans are encroaching on their territory. Aw, that's sweet. Hopefully she and all the racs can call a truce and live together peaceably.

Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal?


Image via Michael Newton/Flickr

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