Zombie Blood Is Actually Pretty Tasty -- Or It Should Be!

zombie bloodHey, the way things have been going lately, I wouldn't be surprised if sometime in the not too distant future, we're all forced to live on vacuum-sealed pouches of zombie blood. I just hope it's not all gross and rancid like the currently contaminated stuff at the center of a nasty lawsuit. Zombie Blood, a neon green "energy potion" manufactured by Harcos Labs, is apparently way more disgusting than it's supposed to be -- instead of tasting like lime, it tastes like "yogurt." Plus, bags of the "foul-smelling" faux-plasma are exploding all over the place. (Sounds appropriate for something called Zombie Blood, but whatever.)

Harcos says Power Brands, a company they hired to develop Zombie Blood, is to blame for the spoiling specimens. And even though, personally, I wouldn't be all that broken up if this novelty product disappeared entirely, I'm definitely with Harcos on this one. Here's why:


The whole thing is fairly complicated to those of us who know less than nothing about food/tech-related stuff, like why dairy proteins require thermal processing if they're going to stay "shelf stable." But from what I can tell, it sounds like Power Brands screwed up on that front. According to a statement from Harcos:

The reason that the Blood and Zombie Blood products tasted like yogurt and had expanding and exploding pouches and foul smell is that Power Brands's formulation contained the protein Provon A-190 manufactured by Glanbia, yet did not specify "hot fill" but rather a "cold fill". Said protein caused growth of microbial organisms and caused the products to, in layman's terms, spoil.

Ick. That's not good. And it could be even worse:

"I know there were some rumors that these exploding products turned some people into zombies, but my client fully denies those charges," says Harcos lawyer Vladi Khiterer.

Awesome! (Just in case we run low on bath salts.) I'm kidding, of course. Harcos is suing for "unspecified damages" and I hope they win.

What do you think Zombie Blood should taste like?


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