Pat Buchanan Doesn’t Want a Female President & Apparently That’s HILAROUS (VIDEO)

pat buchananHey you guys you know what's really funny? The idea of a female president. It's a real knee-slapper, isn't it. Like anyone with a vagina could run the country, come onnnn. Republican slash Reform Party staple Pat Buchanan agrees. Since MSNBC wouldn't tolerate his racism, I guess he wanted to go back over to his old pals on the McLaughlin Group to have a platform to spew some sexist remarks amidst jovial chuckles and hardy har hars. Because when Pat was asked when he thought America would elect a female president, he replied that he hoped not until 2040 or 2050.

LOL! AHAHAHAHA! A woman in office is hilaaarious. Apparently.


Because the panel doesn't recoil at his comment, they laugh along with Buchanan. Eleanor Clift doesn't, thankfully, but it sounds like most everyone else there got a good chuckle out of Pat's comment.

He tries to defend himself later by explaining that they aren't even considering a woman for vice president, which, if we're being generous, could be interpreted as evidence that he hopes there aren't any women presidents in his lifetime because there aren't any viable candidates as proven by the lack of VP options, but something tells me Buchanan isn't that innocent.

I'm not sure why Pat wasn't taken to task for his guffaw over a female president. I don't think people would've chortled along with him or even let it slide if he'd said he'd hope not to see an Asian president in his lifetime, or a Jew in office. But since he's talking about people who wear skirts, his comment is received with some tee-hees, then it's ignored, and the conversation moves on to Hillary in 2016.

If Buchanan's fellow panelists are right and Hillary takes office in 2016, then Pat's got some dying to do in the next four years if he doesn't want to see a female president in his lifetime.

Watch the clip:


Photo via thinkprogress/YouTube

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