Kids Vacation With Mom & Boyfriend But Mom Never Comes Back

Nathan Summerfield
Nathan Summerfield
This is a story that just keeps getting worse and worse, and it's not even over yet: Police still haven't found missing 33-year-old Ohio mom Lynn Jackenheimer, and now the Ashland County Sheriff's Captain is saying her boyfriend told his brother that he strangled her while on vacation with Jackenheimer and her two children, ages 3 and 13, in Nags Head, North Carolina last week. Twenty-seven-year-old Nathan Summerfield's brother made the following 911 call after Summerfield dropped Jackenheimer's 3-year-old son off at his parents' house on Sunday: "My brother was in North Carolina with his ex-girlfriend and he came back and said he strangled her."

Summerfield is still on the loose, which, besides being extremely troubling, also seems sort of ... odd. It's not like the guy hasn't left a decent trail of bread crumbs behind, you know?


Granted, there was apparently no one at home when he dropped off Jackenheimer's 13-year-old special needs daughter (yup, told you it keeps getting worse) at her stepfather Raymond Johnson's house and was long gone by the time Johnson returned to find the girl "all by herself." But he allegedly told his brother exactly what he did after dropping off the little boy (by the way, does anyone else find it strange that he left the 13-year-old special needs kid by herself but didn't leave the 3-year-old with her? Either he had the presence of mind to know and care that the 3-year-old needed more supervision or maybe he actually wants to get caught?).

Unfortunately, neither child is a capable enough communicator to give authorities any leads: "They mainly cry for their mom, that's what they are doing. We are hoping for the best, that's all," said Raymond Johnson.

Police aren't sure where or when the suspected crime took place or in which direction Summerfield was headed. So keep your eyes peeled: Summerfield is about 5-foot-8 with brown hair and blue eyes and is driving a dark gray 2009 Honda Civic, Ohio license plate FMV7540.

Do you think there's any chance of this story having a happy ending?

Image via Ashland County Sheriff's Office

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