Polygamists Accused of Burying Live Cat Show How Sick Some 'Religions' Can Be

Thanks to the TomKat divorce, we've been hearing a lot about Scientology and whether it's a "cult" or a "religion" and what is the difference between the two anyway? Certainly, Scientology has its bizarre and fantastical beliefs and teachings -- but so does every religion, when you think about it.

But cults never seem to take it lightly when a member of their "church" wants to leave. Maybe they stalk you or harass you or bug your phones or won't let you talk to your friends or family anymore. Or maybe, just maybe, the cult sends you a live cat encased in cement! Reportedly, this is the despicable, disgusting, horrific act that the polygamous Mormonist organization called The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), headed up by convicted child rapist Warren Jeffs, is being accused of doing.


I'm not going to get into the history of religion, but I do know that all types of religions are behind all types of atrocities. I've been to the Torture Museum in Amsterdam. People were tortured primarily over RELIGION.

But I'm talking about HERE AND NOW. I'm talking about a "religion" that supposedly encased a helpless, live cat in a cement block and sends it to a former member as some kind of threat. The leader of this "religion," Warren Jeffs, is already serving a life sentence because he likes little girls, so obviously this cult has its issues.

The man who found the cat, former FLDS member Isaac Wyler, said he and his friend tried to save the animal by chipping it out of the cement. They then rushed it to a local rescue group, but it died a few days later. Wyler also says when he reported the incident to the sheriff, who also belongs to FLDS, he laughed it off.

I have no idea if the cat was ACTUALLY placed in cement by members of FLDS. All I know is that people who harm animals would have absolutely no problem harming children, or adults, or anyone. Studies have proven this. Animal cruelty laws need to be MUCH stricter. Unfortunately, the most sick and cowardly people will often take out their inhumanity on helpless creatures who can feel pain but who cannot fight back. Cruelty is everywhere, including in "religion." But a true religion is based in love, not horror.

What do you think of religions that use animal cruelty as scare tactics?


Image via Eric Richardson/Flickr

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