Man Charged With Assaulting Girlfriend Over '50 Shades of Grey'

fifty shades of grey trilogyFor every Fifty Shades of Grey fan, there's someone who is totally disgusted by E.L. James trilogy. Either because they see it as filthy trash or they find the poor writing like nails on a chalkboard (... or both!). Recently, one regular bloke in the U.K., Raymond Hodgson, seems to have lost his mind over the book after his girlfriend, Emma McCormick, began reading it ... Hodgson reportedly took issue with Fifty Shades, because he felt his girlfriend shouldn't be reading such "pornographic literature." McCormick, on the other hand, obviously just wanted to see what all the fuss is about! Unfortunately, their disagreement quickly spiraled out of control.

At one point, Hodgson showed up at his girlfriend's house. They argued, and McCormick went to close the door ... but not before Hodgson reportedly jammed his foot into the door, slapped her once on the face, and then squirted her with a bottle of brown sauce! What ... the ... ?!?


Really, dude? I understand having standards when it comes to literature, but what is this guy -- a schoolmarm out to "ban" a dirty book? And to seek revenge on his girlfriend with by squirting her with a condiment? Who would think of such a thing? Oh, wait ... This isn't the first incident like this in the news lately. Crazy people!

Thankfully, Hodgson's attorney says his client is "extremely sorry about it," and he and McCormick "are now friends and they have been in touch with each other." The brown sauce bandit was also given a curfew for the next six weeks and a six-month community order. Ha! Serves him right for getting all bent out of shape over his girlfriend's recreational reading choice.

Can you imagine? All this over one little, racy book. But then again, who would have thought there would have been so much hype over E.L. James' reworked fan fiction? Now that Fifty's actually at the epicenter of knockdown, drag out court battles, guess it really has gone from a "saucy book" to relentless global phenomenon!

How crazy is this?! Can you believe people are going to such great lengths to express their disdain for the book?


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