Marine Avenges Girlfriend's Rape ... With Class

Elric Shawn Millner
Elric Shawn Millner
If there's one thing Americans love, it's a good revenge story. And the way a Marine went about getting revenge on the guy who allegedly raped his girlfriend is more than good. It's the kind of story everyone needs to store somewhere in their brain for the next time they feel like they need to get a little retribution from someone who has done them wrong.

Why? Simple: this boyfriend didn't go off half-cocked. He didn't decide to be a vigilante. He exacted revenge with class (of course he did! He's a Marine!).

So here's the deal:


According to prosecutors in Harris County Texas, the un-named Marine, who had worked in the military police during his service, began dating a girl from Texas. She told him that a man named Elric Shawn Millner got her drunk, raped her, and videotaped the whole thing two years ago. At the time, she was just 17, and Millner was 24.

After being presented with a story like that, the Marine had a few choices. But not surprisingly -- considering his profession -- he chose the most honorable route he could think of. He befriended Millner, essentially going undercover so he could wheedle the details out of him.

It worked. The prosecutor says Millner showed the video to the Marine, who went to the cops. Now the video, which allegedly shows the girl's rape, is in the prosecution's hands, and Millner is in jail on rape charges.

It all sounds so beautiful that I can't help pointing out that vigilantes don't normally have such an easy time of it. Nine times out of 10, THEY end up in jail themselves. And there's usually some kind of remorse for doing something they wouldn't normally do.

But this Marine has the best of both worlds. He has his girlfriend's alleged rapist facing prosecution and his hands are clean; he didn't lower himself to the criminal level. Isn't there a saying about how a job worth doing is one worth doing well? It sounds like this Marine definitely did it well, with class and with honor. He's a credit to the uniform he once wore.

What would you have done in the Marine's situation?


Image via Harris County

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