Woman Publicly & Viciously Executed for an Unconfirmed 'Love Crime'

afghan womanIt looks like Afghanistan is still one of the worst places in the world to be a woman. Some time last month a 22-year-old woman known by the name Najiba was executed just a few miles outside of the capital city Kabul. Her crime? She was loved by two different men. And because they couldn't just settle things between the two of them, they decided to save face, accuse her of adultery, and kill her.

A large audience of men from the village watched as Najiba was shot in the back at close range multiple times with an AK-47. As she fell the men cheered, "God is great."

And someone filmed it. But fortunately one of the villagers found it so horrifying they sent the video to the government. Punishment came swiftly and was just as extreme.


The video of Najiba's execution is too disturbing to post on this website but you can see it on either of the links in this post.

The Afghan government has condemned Najiba's apparent murder as inhuman and un-Islamic -- and they blame the Taliban. "This was a brutal act against the Afghan people by the Taliban. They will be punished as they were punished 10 years ago, and we will continue our struggle to eliminate them," said Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Seddiqi. What does he mean by "punish like they were punished 10 years ago"? Well, the Taliban commanders responsible have been executed.

The Taliban leaders who killed Najiba didn't just kill a woman. They may have also created orphans; she may have been a mother according to some villagers.

It's hard to find anything good about this story, but I'm glad that at least someone in the village recognized this act as WRONG. I'm glad the government stood up against the Taliban -- and reminded us they do not represent Islam. When you think about American men and women still fighting overseas in Afghanistan, it's important to remember they're fighting partly because of incidents like this.

Do you think Americans should continue fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan since atrocities like this are still happening?


Image via Afghanistan Matters/Flickr

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