Teacher Mom Accused of Poisoning Own Kids to Get Back at Cheating Dad

NYPDHow's this for sick and sad? Police in New York City say a mom, who also happens to be an elementary school teacher, poisoned her own kids because she was mad at her husband for cheating. The kids are now dead, and Lissette Bamenga had to be rushed to the hospital after an alleged suicide attempt.

In fact, the only one not physically hurt in the whole horrific ordeal was Trevor Noel, the father and alleged cheating spouse! Don't get me wrong, the NYPD officer and dad of 5-year-old Trevor Jr. and 4-month-old Liliane is sure to be in extreme emotional distress right now over the loss of his children. My heart breaks for him.

I just can't help thinking how this SHOULD have gone down, how these two kids should be here today.


If Lissette Bamenga really poisoned her own kids (remember, the mother of two has only been charged with first-degree murder at this point, not convicted), she victimized the wrong people. It's her husband who allegedly got another woman pregnant. So why wasn't it her husband who is paying the price?

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I'm not suggesting she should have fed him de-icer, the poison cops say was used to kill the children. Physical violence of any sort is never the answer.

But when you are mad at someone, you take it up with that person. Period. Whether we're talking leaving the kids out of a dispute with your spouse or a boss who is pushing around their employees because they're mad at the company, there's a major disconnect between crime and punishment.

What should Bamenga have done if her husband was really stepping out? Easy.

Divorce the lying, cheating rat bastard. Take him for everything he's got. Take his pension. Take his favorite motorcycle (or whatever toy he adores ... most people have one). You make that person pay for violating your trust and the vows you took to enter the marriage. But you leave everyone else out of it, especially the innocent kids.

What do you think should be done with this mother?


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