Was Real-Life 'Vampire' Attack Motivated by Zombie Jealousy?

vampire teethIs someone a little jealous that zombies are getting all the attention these days? Police in Corpus Christi, Texas are on the hunt for a vampire-man who attacked a 16-year-old boy while he was walking home on the 4th of July around 11 p.m. The aggressor jumped the boy, bit him on the neck, breaking the skin, then ran off. The teen was treated at a local hospital but should be totally fine. That is, if he wasn't converted into a vampire.

Zombies have been grabbing a lot of headlines recently, but turns out there are still some vampires or, you know, weirdos with bloodsucking tendencies trolling the streets, and they're probably feeling a little overshadowed by all the zombie-centered press recently. Well, you heard it here first, vampires are back and there's one on the loose in Corpus Christi.


And what an appropriate town to be stalking, too -- a vampire in Corpus Christi, or the Body of Christ, it's just too perfect.

Lest you've already forgotten, this isn't the first disturbing case of a vampire-person attacking an innocent citizen. Back in August, a Texas man broke into a woman's home, punched her while in bed, dragged her into the hallway, threw her up against a wall, and bit her mother trucking neck.

In September, a woman claiming to be a vampire attacked a random elderly man as he sat on a front porch.

Then there was the guy who just last month attacked a California homeless man and started biting him with his vampire teeth. And THEN there was a discovery in Bulgaria that shed some light on the stake-through-the-heart vampire-killing theory.

While the "vampire" and the "zombie" attacks get a lot of attention for their inherent pop culture references, it doesn't make the crimes committed any less painful or heartbreaking. I don't believe in vampires or zombies, but I do believe in crazy people, and frankly, they're the scariest thing on earth.

Hope that teenage boy heals fast, mentally and physically.

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Photo via outkast104/Flickr

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