New Mom Accused of Bath Salts Freakout Before Even Leaving Maternity Ward

Carla MurphyStill thinking of bath salts as the punchline to a zombie joke? Here's one that will stop you in your tracks: police in Altoona, Pennsylvania say the latest bath salts tripping addict to get hauled into the big house came straight from the maternity ward of the local hospital. The new mother had given birth just two days before!

The allegations of a mom smoking bath salts are a sobering reminder that for all the tittering we've done about the zombie apocalypse, we have a drug on our hands that seems to be both highly addictive and highly destructive. Imagine smoking bath salts when you're still in a hospital. After you just gave birth!


Police say they were called in because after Carla J. Murphy had stripped naked and was rolling around on the floor, she assaulted the nurses and other hospital staff who tried to get her dressed. An anti-psychotic medication did nothing to calm her down, and cops say she even assaulted them during the altercation.

The explanation? A stripped out pen that allegedly contained white powder that appeared to have been smoked and a disc of Disco, one of the street names for bath salts.

As a mother, I want to scream and shout and rail against this woman. How dare she take the gift of motherhood so lightly? How dare she fail her baby already? At just 2 days old? But looking into her eyes, I was struck by how sad Carla Murphy looks, how desperate.

I'm not saying she's an unwitting victim here per se: if allegations are true (remember folks, Murphy is innocent until proven guilty), then she CHOSE to take an illegal substance, and one that all the reports make clear is pretty dangerous. If anything, she had the best reason of all here to decide to clean up her life, and the best chance to do so -- in a hospital!

But we also know that these drugs are addictive and that they damage your brain to such an extent that after just one use, you cease to function the way you did before. That's what makes bath salts so terrifying. They don't just get you high. They destroy you. They make people do horrible things ... like get high in a maternity ward two days after giving birth. 

What do you think of the way the bath salts conversation has gone in America?


Image via Blair County Prison

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