3 Kids Found Dead in Yacht Cabin After Horrible 4th of July Accident

Not the same boat but similar size
Three children met a horrifying end this Fourth of July when the yacht they were on capsized and sank following a fireworks show. There were 27 people on the boat and all were rescued except for two girls and a boy: Victoria Gaines, 8; Harley Treanor, 11; and David Aurelino, 12. Tragically, the three were found drowned inside a cabin. David's uncle, Salvatore, was at the helm.

We don't know yet what caused the boat to capsize. Was it filled over capacity? Usually half as many people are recommended for 34-foot boat. There were about a hundred boats out that evening. Were the waters too crowded? There's so much about this awful accident that we still don't know.


Perhaps life vests might have saved the three kids -- no word yet on whether they were wearing them. But kids under 12 are required to wear vests except when they're in a cabin, and all three were found inside a cabin -- so that's a rule that might not have saved them in this case. How would you get a tween to wear a life vest in a place where it's not required? And anyway, a child stuck inside a cabin on a sinking ship would have a hard time escaping.

For the parents' sake, I hope there is a thorough investigation and that they learn exactly what happened. That's what I would want if I were one of these kids' parents. Knowing wouldn't bring my child back to life, I know. But at least it would bring some closure. And maybe there's something to this accident that we can learn from -- that could save other kids' lives someday.

But in the meantime, my heart goes out to the victims' families. Independence Day will always be a day of heartbreak for them. What an awful end to what should be a happy day of celebration.

Have you ever known someone in a boating accident like this?


Image via nwclassicyacht/Flickr

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