Mom Stops Son From Holding Up Store With Fake Gun -- Sigh, Kids! (VIDEO)

You know how embarrassing it is when you're in a store and the kid starts acting up, whining and throwing a temper tantrum, demanding some toy or candy bar? And people are beginning to stare at you like you're a BAD MOMMY, and you're all, "Sorry, he's not usually like this ... he just didn't get his nap!" Well, one woman had this moment, only it was a psycho criminal version.

A mother and her 22-year-old son walked into a convenience store in Mississippi. The son bought some Doritos. And then decided to have his temper tantrum. His gun-waving, hold-up-the-store temper tantrum.


After handing over money for a snack, Roy Mitchell was caught on surveillance video whipping out a fake gun -- which looked hella real -- and thrusting it over the counter, demanding money.

Apparently unawares that her son would try to hold up a store, mom rushed over, grabbed the gun out of his hand, and irately pushed him out of the store. Oh, these kids. Reportedly, she also begged the clerk not to call the police. But no such luck, the cashier called and the mom-n-son duo were stopped shortly thereafter by cops. Precious Weshus is now being held on bail in the poke.

First off -- this poor mother. Can't even take her son into a store without him going all Clyde Barrow. BUT. What's up with asking the clerk not to call cops? I get the feeling Ma Barker has been protecting pookie and cleaning up his messes for far too long. And that fake gun. Sure looks real. Did mom know about it, or even buy it for his birthday?

At least mom TRIED to keep him out of trouble. That's what mothers do, right? Check it out:

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Image via ABC News

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