Ann Romney Reveals Obama Campaign's 'Scandalous' Strategy & the World Snorts

ann romney mitt romneyHave you heard? Ann Romney has the 411 on the Obama campaign's strategy against her husband, Mitt Romney. And it goes something like this: "Kill Mitt Romney." It is true?!? WELL I NEVER! Character assassination -- in a presidential campaign? I'm sure Mitt would never stoop so low, right Ann? 

First of all: You must be new to politics, Ms. Romney. Allow me to introduce you to every single presidential campaign ever in United States history. You do know that the Romney super PAC strategy is pretty much "Kill Barack Obama," right? But I'm being cynical. Obama's team is denying that this is the strategy. Whatever. Let's see what the folks in Twitter land are saying about "Kill Mitt." 

Image via douglas coldwell/Flickr

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