Which Female Politician Is Pretty Enough to Run for VP Beside Mitt Romney? (PHOTOS)

Mitt RomneyIt's no rumor anymore: Ann Romney has confirmed that hubby Mitt's looking for another woman ... to be his vice-presidential running mate on the ticket this fall. In a CBS News interview being broadcast today, Ann said, "We've been looking at that, and I love that option as well. There's a lot of people that Mitt is considering right now." Nails-on-a-chalkboard grammar aside, you gotta love that quote! Because it sounds like Camp Romney could be heading off the McCain deep end ... He wants his very own Sarah Palin!

While the Romney campaign has been keeping mum on who they're considering (and hopefully fully vetting this time!), there has been quite a bit of buzz around three female politicians. But given how the GOP likely feels they need to find someone who can match Romney's Ken doll charisma, the biggest question likely is: Who looks best next to Mitt?!*

Check 'em out ...


Here's New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte alongside Mitt ... The two were actually pretty chummy yesterday, as they both walked in the same Fourth of July parade, but didn't really get any pics together, because I'm sure Camp Mitt doesn't want speculation that Kelly's The Woman. Nonetheless, the event may have been an orchestrated test of their political chemistry!

kelly Ayotte and mitt romney

Or how about former eBay CEO Meg Whitman? They're both vulture capitalists, so they'll surely see eye-to-eye on business, I mean, politics. But is she "movie star hot" enough to help him win? You be the judge ...

meg whitman mitt romney


Now, last but not least, we've got South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, the second Indian-American governor in the U.S. Judging from this photo, she's also practically BFFs with ol' Mittens! Is this a match made in presidential campaign heaven or what? Well, at least if you go by looks alone, which, as we learned in 2008, I'd bet an embarrassing number of Americans do ...

nikki haley and mitt romney


Here's your chance to vote: Which potential VP candidate do you think looks best next to Mitt Romney?


*Disclaimer: I don't actually believe that any politician should be judged -- or chosen to run in a major national election -- by how they look. This sarcastic story was meant to as a tongue-in-cheek way of calling attention to the ludicrous reality that many Americans do judge female politicians especially on trivial, superficial factors.


Images via Austen Hufford/Flickr; Gerardo Mora/Getty Images; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images; Joe Raedle/Getty Images; Tom Pennington/Getty Images

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