San Diego’s Fireworks Display Goes Off All at Once & It’s SPECTACULAR (VIDEOS)

san diego fireworksSome people are calling this a firework fail, but I'm calling it a boom feat. During the Big Bay Boom Fourth of July celebration in San Diego, there was a technical glitch in the ignition timing, and all the fireworks went off at once. Now called the Big Bay Bust, one of the nation's biggest fireworks display seemed like just a loud flash in the pan; instead of lasting around 15 minutes, it lasted around 15 seconds. The 2012 fireworks display was hyped as the biggest and the most intense in its 12-year run, but hundreds of thousands of spectators were left miffed when it was over and done with before you could even say OOOOH, AHHHH.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, and double thankfully, someone caught it all on video.


Officials for the Big Bay Boom have apologized, but really, I don't think there's anything to be sorry for. Hasn't it been everyone's dream to set all the fireworks off at once? Hasn't everyone eyed that big box of firecrackers they bought from the roadside stand and considered just lighting the whole bitch on fire, without even bothering to unwrap it?

The Big Bay Bust answered an age-old question for pyromaniacs and the casual fireworks lovers -- we now know what it's like to set them off all at once. It's bright, it's loud, it's not a little unlike a boat exploding, and it's quick.

Let me offer a thank you to the city of San Diego for "flubbing" their fireworks. Many of us can die happy now knowing what happens when there's one fuse and hundreds of celebratory explosives. God bless America.

Watch the 15 seconds of glory:

Another view:


Whatdya think? Any firework display mishaps in your hometown?


Photo via MyTwinBees/YouTube

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