Toddler Overdoses on Pills Grandma Kept in Candy Dish

pillsPolice are on the hunt for a woman whose 2-year-old granddaughter died after eating a bunch of prescription pills the woman kept in a candy dish.

The little girl was found unconscious in her grandmother Kimberly Artis's home last July and later died at the hospital. Police say that the little girl overdosed on Suboxone, a drug used to treat heroin addiction, that she grabbed from a bowl at her grandmother's house.

Last week, prosecutors finally issued an indictment charging Artis and her live-in boyfriend Steven Bullock with the death and she fled.


It used to be that a day at Grandma's house brought certain iconic images to mind: rocking chairs, knitting, baking cookies. But that is anything but close to reality for a lot of kids these days.

A relative told WTKR News that Artis was battling a drug problem and was trying to get her life back on track. That is certainly a difficult thing to do. Still, I don't think anyone questions whether or not this grandmother should answer for her alleged crimes. But I have to ask, is she the only one?

Don't this child's parents have a responsibility to leave her in a safe environment? If you know someone is battling a serious drug addiction, should you let them babysit? And if, because of some extraordinary circumstance you had to leave your kid with that person, why on earth wouldn't you check out every surface and corner of that house first?

Do you think the parents are liable too?

Image via rselph/Flickr

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