Missing Baby Was Dead in Grandma's Closet the Whole Time Cops Searched

closet doorIt took hours of searching, but police found a missing little girl in the early hours of Saturday morning. One-year-old Zyia Roch-Quelle Alyssa Turner hadn't left her grandmother's Detroit home at all, it seems. The baby was found inside the closet, buried under some 20 pounds of clothing.

It's a heartbreaking end to what is already a sad story. Zyia's family called police late Friday afternoon, thinking she was gone. It would take hours for police to find her body inside the house ... after they searched the neighborhood.


According to police, her mom left the 17-month-old in the care of an uncle so she could go to a medical appointment. He went into his own bedroom, leaving little Zyia and some other children unsupervised for a short period of time.

Kind of makes you wonder why they didn't start the search for little Zyia inside, doesn't it? I'm not a cop, but we are talking babies after all. Crawling babies. Kids who love to disappear into any section of the house and hide.

I know parents who have found their kids under their own cribs after their backs were turned for just a second. Heading to the closet isn't exactly ... rocket science. So I'm more than a little curious how it took nine hours (the time between 4 p.m. when she was reported missing and 1 a.m. when she was found by a cadaver dog) until this missing baby was discovered.

I don't blame the family right now. I blame the searchers. What happened to common sense, people? Can you imagine the agony this family went through?

It seems like this isn't the first time police have found the body of a missing child closer to their own home than you would expect. Last week a missing boy in Michigan was found under his porch -- although reports are now pointing to the body having been moved. Zyia, on the other hand, seems to have spent the sad last moments of her life right there in the closet. And that makes my heart hurt.

What is the first thing you do when you can't find your child? Where is the very first place you would search?


Image via brianteutsch/Flickr

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