Mom May Have Fallen for the Scariest Pedophile Trick Ever

Michael HunterAttention parents! When someone with a really weird story wants to move into your house, you might want to think twice before you say yes! Here's betting the mother of a 15-year-old boy stalked across an ocean by a 25-year-old British alleged child molester is wishing she had.

Police in St. Augustine, Florida say 25-year-old Michael Hunter came all the way from his home in Birmingham, England, to have sex with a 15-year-old American boy he'd met on the Internet. When he pretended to be 17-year-old Gary Johnson, a classmate with cancer, the 15-year-old's mom let the alleged pedophile move into their house.

Which part of this sounds bizarre to you? All of it?



I am wary about who comes into my house as it is. If they're actually moving in, and going to be around my kid, I want name, rank, and serial number. If something smells fishy, there's no way I'm sleeping easy with them in the house.

I'm going to give the mom here the benefit of the doubt. Kid -- or at least a guy who appears to be a kid -- tells you he has non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and your heart is bound to ache for him. Childhood cancer hits me right in the guts. And when a kid says they're having family strife, the first thing you think as a Mom is, "OK, how do I help?"

But if a kid has cancer, wouldn't you think staying WITH the parents would be best? I know I wouldn't take on the complicated mess of health care, especially not with something as serious as cancer.

And wouldn't you want to actually talk to a kid's parents before they move in? Any kid? Even one who doesn't have cancer? I'd want to let them know their kid is safe, for one. Not to mention, I'd be afraid of legal action if I suddenly took custody of someone else's minor child.

Oh, and there's that pesky British accent. Should have been a bit of warning. But hey, what do I know? The strangest person who has ever moved into my house for awhile was my brother.

Hunter, by the way, has been arrested and will be charged.

What kind of background check would you require before someone moved into your house? What if they were a "kid"?


Image via St. John's County Police

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