Conservatives Are Really Liberal When It Comes to Partying at Strip Clubs

strip clubWith the Republican and Democratic National Conventions just a couple of months away, politicians, lobbyists, and pollsters are gearing up for the grand occasions. Oh, and by "pollsters", I don't mean those annoying people who call you at dinner time, I mean people who slide up and down poles for a living, namely, strippers. According to The Huffington Post, guests at the RNC and the DNC love them some strip clubs. After all, there's no better way to blow off steam after a long day of debating abortion than to go stuff some ones down Destiny's thong.

But! Since the donkeys and the elephants will forever be locked in competition, there must be a winner. One party beats the other when it comes to its love of the lady dancers. Drum roll please.


The Republicans, according to a spokeswoman for the national association of adult nightclubs, are "hands down" the best strip club customers.

Let's hear it for the G.O.P.! They're down with O.P.P. 

If you're to give any weight to this compliment/accusation, you might try to use this tidbit as evidence that the right isn't waging any war on women. I mean, how could they be if they love strippers as much as they're said to? I can just see the new G.O.P. ad now ... We don't hate women! We support them. [Cups stripper's breasts in hands and gives her a $20.]

I guess the more conservative your politics, the more liberal you are with the dolla dolla bills at our nation's finest strip joints. Sure is one way to support small businesses.

Lest you think it's only the red state boys getting in on the action, the Democrats are not exempt. A 2008 Baylor University study found that Craigslist ads for sex workers increased a "substantial amount" in the towns were both the RNC and the DNC were held.

Are your surprised that Republicans seem to like the strip clubs more than Democrats?


Photo via the toe stubber/Flickr

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