Obamacare Stands & Now We Have to Pay Other People's Medical Bills

supreme courtThe Supreme Court announced its decision on whether or not to turn over part or all of Obamacare. There have been rumors all week that Chief Justice John Roberts would issue the majority opinion, which led many (myself included) to hope that meant the individual mandate would be repealed.

Liberals have cited the Commerce Clause for the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (such a misnomer), which requires all Americans to purchase health insurance, or pay an annual fine. Because apparently the Commerce Clause isn’t just about regulating commerce, but compelling it. Or something.


Anyway, because Justice Roberts looked to be writing the ruling, and he typically votes Conservative, you can imagine the shock when it broke that he sided with the liberals in a 5-4 vote declaring that Obamacare stands. Say what now? It stands? With the individual mandate? And Roberts voted for it?

Sort of.

The court ruled that Obamacare could stand, but not on the Commerce Clause. It’s now officially a tax. Yup, Obama has levied the largest tax increase on the middle class in American history. Thanks, Mr. President! Even after the ruling was announced, Obama was still peddling the “you can keep your plan” lie.

But, but, but ... Why should I have to pay a tax for someone else’s benefit? I pay for insurance and co-pays, why should I pay for yours too? Well, people pay taxes all the time for other people’s benefits. For example -- taxes pay for the fire and police departments, but if your house never catches fire or you’re never the victim of a crime, that’s tax money you paid for someone else’s benefit. People that don’t have kids or don’t take advantage of the public education system aren’t exempt from paying taxes for schools.

I see now how it’s totally kosher to tax the middle class to pay other people’s medical bills. So now that we’ve established the constitutionality of Congress to force Americans to buy a product, and call it a tax, what else will they tax us with?

Will we have to buy Smart Cars for the ‘collective good’ of the environment? What about juicers, because juicing is so healthy? You don’t have to use your juicer, but you sure as heck have to buy one. Since our health care costs are spiraling out of control, it’s probably wise to make healthy food choices, so let’s impose a steak and arugula tax. Michelle Obama will be all over that one.

These scenarios may sound ridiculous, but where is the line? Whether you label it a fee or a tax, the government is forcing Americans to purchase a product whether they want it or not. When does it end?

I'm going to take a wild guess and say it ends November 6, 2012.


Image via dbking/Flickr

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