Obama's Justin Bieber 'Cover' Proves He's Got the 'Swag' to Win This Fall (VIDEO)

obama lipdub justin bieberIf you thought President Obama's version of "Born This Way" was awesome and his rendition of Carly Ray Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" was cute, just wait 'til you see the next installment in amazing Obama lip-dubs! The mastermind behind that adorable clip has engineered a video wherein Obama "sings" "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber.

Of course, like the previous vids, this was created from a string of clips edited together to make it seem as though the POTUS is covering the Biebs' summer hit. But it's still a HOOT.

Check it out ...


My fave part by FAR is when it he says "swag ... swag ... swag on you." Oh, oh, no, wait -- how hilarious is it to picture our Commander-in-Chief (with Michelle, of course) "chillin' by the fire while we're eating fondue." Hah!

I wonder if the kid behind both the "Call Me Maybe" and "Boyfriend" clips -- "Baracksdubs", aka Fadi Saleh, who is a pre-med student at the University of Tennessee -- knows that he's basically working for the Obama re-election campaign? Oh, sure, these clips aren't your conventional campaign ads. But they're definitely viral GOLD -- with especially hot appeal for the younger set, a demographic I wouldn't doubt a smartypants like Saleh knows Obama needs to nab a second term.

Personally, as an Obama supporter, I'm all for these lip-dubs spreading like wildfire all over the web. If they give voters a warm, fuzzy feeling, who knows the extent of these lip-dubs' power?! They might just help slash Romney's chances of a win this fall.

Do you think funny videos like these could help re-elect Obama?

Image via Baracksdubs/YouTube

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