Another Child Goes Missing From Her Bedroom & There Will Be No Happy Ending (VIDEO)

sierra newboldOn Tuesday morning, another little girl had gone missing from her bedroom, this time in West Jordan, Utah (a suburb of Salt Lake City). But the ending to this story is the worst possible thing any parent could face. After neighbors and police searched the neighborhood, an officer found 6-year-old Sierra Newbold dead in a canal a block from her home. The autopsy has shown that the little girl was sexually assaulted and murdered in a 30-minute span from when her mother reported her missing.

Talk about a parent's absolute worst nightmare -- for a child to be taken from one place you'd think they'd be absolutely safe! Can you imagine?


Not that similar incidents like those involving Lisa Irwin or Isabel Celis aren't just as gut-wrenching, but Sierra Newbold's story left absolutely no hope for her parents. The gruesome reality of what ultimately happened to her came to light almost as quickly as it happened. So, so horrific. But like similar sickening incidents, much about what happened is unclear and plenty of questions remain ... Like how could this have happened? And of course, who is the monster responsible for this devastating crime?

As far as whether or not the Newbolds' community should be concerned about their own children's safety with a predator on the loose, authorities are saying they believe that Sierra's murder was an isolated incident ... (Although, at this time, they are choosing not to say why.) However, they are continuing to hunt down potential suspects. Even family members are not being ruled out. (Good -- because in sick stories like this one, you just never know ...) Sierra's parents are cooperating in the investigation, and it seems like authorities have some helpful resources to look into -- like surveillance video around the family's home, which the FBI is helping them enhance.

As for word from the family ... the little girl's great-grandfather, Reed Newbold, told the AP:

We don't have any idea how the girl disappeared or whether she was taken from the bedroom. It's a complete mystery.

Terrifying ... We can only hope the truth does come out, and justice is served for this heinous crime -- sooner rather than later.

Here's the local news report on Sierra's case ...


How do you think Sierra could have just disappeared from the bedroom?

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