Mom Accused of Abusing Infant & Texting Video of the Whole Thing to Dad

Kellie ParkKellie ParkI just read a detailed list of the content of child abuse videos that cops in Connecticut are saying a mother sent via text message to her baby daughter's biological father. I'm shaking. The allegations are so cruel and twisted, I can only think of one reason they would have happened. Kellie Park was trying to get caught.

She allegedly sent 50-some text messages to Erick Vece, and eight videos showing her physically and verbally abusing her 10-month-old baby. If it's true, the act of texting could be the best thing that could have happened to her daughter. Not the abuse. Of COURSE not the abuse.


Having someone tilt a 10-month-old child's pack and play so they fall out on the floor, pour food over a baby girl's head, or any of the other horrific things police say they saw in eight abuse videos Park allegedly sent to Vece is not GOOD. But if even one of those videos represents what life was like for that child while living with Park, it's good that police now have the power to get that poor kid out of there.

How many times have you turned on the TV news or powered up your web browser and come across a story of a child who was subjected to unspeakable horrors over years and years? When I see that, I always wonder, what if someone had stopped this at the beginning? What if there was a way to snatch a child from their abuser at the very first sign of abuse?

In that sense, I can't help but wonder: could the texting, the thing that got Kellie Park arrested, be the thing that saved this child?

We don't know how long the abuse might have been going on in Park's home. The videos cops say she sent to Vece might have simply represented the tip of the iceberg. But now Park is facing charges of risk of injury to a minor, cruelty to persons, threatening in the second the degree, and assault in the third degree. And perhaps more importantly, Vece and Park's little girl is SAFE. She's out of that home, been observed at a hospital and released, and she's living with her maternal grandmother while the court system deals with her mom.

The best situation would have been if this little girl was never hurt at all.

But sadly, we live in a country where there are too many adults who do not understand the immense privilege they have when they become parents. I'd like to think that as many of them can be arrested and their children rescued sooner rather than later.

What do you think of this whole twisted tale?


Image via West Haven Police

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