Soccer Mom Madam Is Out of Jail & Back to 'Burbs

The "Soccer Mom Madam," otherwise known as Anna Gristina, was released on bond today from prison, where she's been held for the past four months, charged with running a brothel on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Cameras followed her as she went back to her suburban New York house, hugged her husband and four children, and played with her dog and pet pig. Aww. Sweet!

The motherly madam told NBC News:

I'm just going to walk around the garden and just feel the grass under my feet, smell the fresh air, and just watch the sun coming up. (I want to) see what it's like to be back home again and let it really settle in that this is home again. I'm back. It's real.

It's real for the moment, Anna. But things could change when the trial's over. Yikes!


Madam Mommy has pleaded not guilty to running a prostitution ring and says she was just running a matchmaking service. That's what I'd say too! I mean, um, maybe that's what she was doing. Um ... maybe.

Anyway, we all know why prostitution is illegal. Because it's the only industry where WOMEN MAKE ALL THE MONEY. Do you really think it'd be illegal if women bought sex from men? Well, do ya?

The mother of four doesn't exactly get to go back to the reality of suburban life completely -- she has to wear an ankle monitor until her trial. Ah, millions more tax dollars spent on this thing. As if five years' worth of tax dollars wasn't enough. Does the government realize there are kids in this city don't have enough to EAT?! There was no bath salts here!

Anyway, I don't like the idea of married men going to a brothel any more than anyone else, but those guys are going to go somewhere. A brothel or a bar or they'll find a neighbor or a coworker or whatever.

Anyone notice that Eliot Spitzer gets a TV show while this woman gets jail?! That said, prostitution IS illegal, and while I sympathize with her, if she did the crime, she's got to do the time. It's only fair. Otherwise, lots of other women would be trying to run a "dating service" too, you know?

Do you think the Soccer Mom Madam should spend more time in jail?


Image via purpleslog/Flickr

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