Casey Anthony's Lawyer Finally Reveals What We've Known All Along (VIDEO)

presumed guilty jose baez book coverIt may be almost a year since Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old Caylee, but those involved in the trial are still looking to milk their 15 minutes. Specifically, Anthony's lead attorney, Jose Baez. His book, Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story, is due out on Tuesday, and the AP is reporting on the lawyer's major revelation. Apparently, Baez claims that Casey had a perfectly good excuse for her habitual lying.

He writes that detectives should have realized Anthony had built "a fantasy world" and her lies weren't evidence of guilt, but ... wait for it ... signs of someone with "serious mental health issues." You don't say!


He elaborates, discussing the time when Casey led detectives on a wild goose chase, taking them to Universal Studios where she falsely claimed she had a job. Baez thinks detectives "should have stopped and realized, 'Wait a minute, we're not dealing with someone who is playing with a full deck.'"

Uh, wow. Does Baez really think he's telling us something we didn't already know? Who couldn't have guessed that Casey wasn't exactly right in the head? We are talking about someone who admitted to having "obvious mental health issues," evidenced by seriously wacky behavior (lies, coverups, lies, partying, etc.) following her daughter's death.

In fact, what he's written sounds like no more than a continuation of the trial itself, in which Baez argued Casey's mental instability stemmed from sexual abuse by her father, George. The defense stated that Caylee accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool, but Casey panicked from the traumatic effects of being sexually abused, and George hid the body.

And we all know how it turned out. As of this moment in time, as far as the courts are concerned, Anthony is innocent of first-degree murder ... But still guilty on four misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators. Because -- surprise! -- she had mental health issues. If this is the bulk of the juicy "inside" story he has to offer, it sounds like Baez's book isn't exactly bringing anything eye-opening to the table.

Are you surprised by what Baez has written about Casey?

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