Man Drowns Hours After Climbing Out of Water & So Can You

boat dockIt defies all reason. A man falls into the water, climbs out on his own, but dies from drowning three hours later.

Strange but true. Tommy Mollo, who had been hanging out with friend at a Yonkers, New York boat club, seemed fine until he got home, said he wasn't feeling well, then passed out and died from what's called secondary or delayed drowning.


Doctors say this happens when a person nearly drowns and water enters the lungs. They are rescued but that water intake can cause difficulty breathing as much as 48 hours later. THATS TWO DAYS!

It's rare, but it happens to people of all ages. A few years ago, I remember reading the story of a 10-year-old boy who went to a local swimming pool with his family, walked home, and even took a bath before he died of what doctors called "dry drowning" at the time.

In fact, experts say it's the cause of 5 percent of all drownings in children and teens. Victims never see this coming, but who would. When we think of drowning, we envision someone struggling for breath in a huge body of water, not watching TV or having dinner days after a dip. There's no way to know when this will hit. It certainly ranks high among the most bizarre ways to kick the bucket.

Have you heard of delayed drowning?

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