Chuck Norris Seems to Think Pro-Gay Boy Scouts Will Ruin America

chuck norrisKnow those guys who love to cite their fave facts about famous tough talker Chuck Norris? Here's a new one for them to add to their shtick: Chuck Norris is a hateful homophobe. The martial artist, actor, and GOP big mouth activist just wrote an article for (yeah, that's actually the site's name) titled "Is Obama Creating a Pro-Gay Boy Scouts of America?" Oh man. (I wonder if he was inspired by other extreme right-wing, burning questions of our time like "Is Obama Even an American?! [Show Us the Birth Certificate]" and "Is Obama Threatening the U.S. Economy With His Evil Socialist Regime?")

Apparently, Norris is ticked off at James Turley, a high-ranking BSA official who recently announced he's going to "seek a change" to a Boy Scouts policy that bans (openly) gay Scouts and (openly) gay Scout leaders. He thinks Turley has been "prodded" by Obama's "pro-gay" administration! Gasp!


Even if that were the case, who the hell cares? It's called politics, Norris. Better yet, the politics of progress!

If Obama does have a hand in Turley's latest moves and is hoping to get the Boy Scouts to be a bit more open-minded and take a step toward Glee Town, would that really be The Worst Thing Ever? A terrifying threat to American values? Uh, no. Wouldn't it simply be another step toward squashing discrimination in another American institution? A fitting follow-up to doing away with Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the military and the Obama administration turning its back on defense of DOMA (which is more about upholding hate than an institution based on love). Obviously!

With his out-to-lunch rant, it's clearer than ever: Chuck Norris needs to be put on a spaceship along with Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, and Kirk Cameron and every other D-list celeb who can't stop spewing hateful, close-minded remarks as of late. Hey, just statin' the facts!

What do you make of Chuck Norris's rant? Do you think the Boy Scouts of America should allow gay Scouts and Scout leaders?


Image via Rough Tough, Real Stuff/Flickr

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