Runaway 'Penguin 337' Is Back & Needs a Way Cooler Name Than 'Penguin 337' (VIDEO)

penguinWho is Penguin 337? Well, remember back in March when that 1-year-old penguin made a daring escape from the zoo in Tokyo? Nobody could figure out how the little guy managed to scale a sheer rock wall over twice his height and swim downriver to Tokyo Bay at a "tremendous speed." It was like all of a sudden he had these crazy penguin superpowers (hmm ... bath salts?!). Anyway, guess what? Officials from Tokyo Sea Life Park finally found the feathered fugitive and brought him home. And since he's such a celeb, they figured he should get a cooler name than the one he's already got (you guessed it, Penguin 337). Said official Takashi Sugino: “We decided to give him a pet name by soliciting ideas and their reasons from visitor. This is a special treatment to express our gratitude to the public for providing information on the bird, and also for cooperating with us by listening to our call not to try to capture him.”


What fun!! I mean, really -- how often do any of us non-aquarium employees ever get the chance to name a penguin? And the possibilities are endless!

Here my my Top 7 Favorite Names for Penguin 337 (besides the obvious, Houdini):

1. Runaway Bird

2. Flight Risk (Ha! Penguins can't fly!)

3. Lindsay Lohan (Cause, why not? He's unpredictable like Lindsay.)

4. Charlie Sheen (Cause, why not? He's unpredictable like Charlie.)

5. (Broke Outta) Jail Bird

6. Michael Phelps

7. Sharp Dressed Man (24/7 tuxedo, come on!)

What would you name Penguin 337?


Image via IBTimesUK/YouTube

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