Woman Forced to Sit Next to Dead Man in 10-Hour Flight From Hell

flightThere certain things all air travelers just have to deal with these days -- bad airport food, screaming kids and delays. Dead people, however, shouldn't be one of them.

A Swedish woman was forced to sit across the aisle from a corpse on a 10-hour flight to Tanzania recently.


The sick passenger was sweating and suffering from convulsions while the plane was at the gate in Amsterdam, but the flight still took off.  He apparently died shortly thereafter. "I asked to move, but they said there were no other places,"  Lena Pettersson told a Swedish radio program.  

She complained to the airline and got back half of her $1400 ticket, a sum she thought was "reasonable." But that just doesn't seem like adequate compensation to me. A partial refund!! Please! In the past I have received two free flights just for being bumped from my seat. 

I expect a heck of a a lot more if I have to fly with a corpse. It's hard enough breathing comfortably after someone starts coughing in that confined space. Can you imagine relaxing with a dead guy next to you ... for 10 hours?!  My heart goes out to his family, of course. But what Pettersson went through was beyond inappropriate. The airline needs to pony up a bigger payout.

Do you think that passenger deserves a full refund or more for being forced to fly next to a corpse?

Images via Robert S. Donovan/Flickr

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