Bath Salts Blamed in Man's Bludgeoning of Elderly Bird-Loving Neighbor

crime sceneAs if we needed more proof that bath salts (the drug, not the bath soaking stuff) is bad, bad, bad, here comes yet another bath salts insanity story. Police say a 20-year-old Los Angeles man was on bath salts (definitely on bath salts, not rumored to be or thought to be or speculated to be) when he attacked his elderly neighbor, saying, "I hate you and want to kill you today," after the 77-year-old woman scolded him for trying to harm some birds by throwing a tool at them. High on bath salts, he allegedly bludgeoned her over the head with a shovel. But there's some good news!


The woman was taken to a local hospital, but it is reported that she was NOT seriously injured. Thank goodness! I can relate to this poor woman. Not because anyone on bath salts has ever attacked me (yet!), but because I've spoken up when I've seen people (usually children) kicking or throwing rocks or trying to harm birds -- usually pigeons, since I live in the city. And, yes, the parents are right there, watching blankly. Hey, if a parent isn't going to teach a child not to hurt animals, then I'm going to do it, and too bad if they don't like it.

But back to bath salts. This drug is officially out of control. I have no idea why anyone uses it. WHY would someone take a drug that causes such aggressiveness? WHY would you take a drug that, when you come down off it, might have caused you to commit a crime -- maybe even killing someone or eating their face off?! I'm dumbfounded. But I suppose the people who take this drug aren't exactly clear-thinking Mensa members.

What is the solution here? Banning the ingredients to the drug needs to be tops. Yes, people can always get their hands on whatever they want, but let's make it as difficult as possible for them, okay? Yes, drug addicts can always get ahold of a different kind of drug. However, this particular combination of chemicals is what sounds disastrous. It seems to unleash a devil in the brain.

What solution do you see to the "bath salts crisis"?

Image via Michael Melchiorre/Flickr

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