Bus Monitor Karen Klein Needs To Accept Students' Apologies & Move On (VIDEO)

Karen KleinYou've heard about Karen Klein by now, haven't you? She's the 68-year-old grandmother who's garnered national attention after a video of middle school boys bullying her on a school bus in New York was uploaded to YouTube and went viral last week.

Welp, the story's heated up a little. Since the video made its debut, a fund was set up to send Karen on vacation with a goal of $5,000. Supporters have contributed an unbelievable $633,000+, and there are 27 days left. That's not all though: Southwest Airlines has offered to send Karen on a free vacation to Disneyland. Oh, and nine of her closest friends can come too.

Wow. I mean, I know what happened was wretched. A few of the boys have tried to apologize to Karen, to which she responded "I think they can do better." I'm not saying they can't, but with all the goodies heading Karen's way I think it's time for her to publicly accept their apology and move forward.


Let's take a moment to talk about what's happening to her tormentors. According to ABC news, one boy received more than 1,000 threatening text messages in one night. Someone even called in to authorities saying they took one of the families hostage. Police had to respond to the situation by setting up a perimeter and getting the house surrounded, only to find out the family inside was totally fine. On the school side, the students' middle school promises strict disciplinary action.

Karen has said she doesn't plan to press charges and just wants the kids to know they acted disrespectfully. Well Karen, I think they get it. Although their actions are inexcusable, I'm pretty sure they understand the magnitude of what's happened now. Something tells me that there's no way they'll ever speak to anyone like that ever again.

When it comes down to it: There are a lot worse things out there. Karen now has the whole world standing behind her in support. I don't want to downplay this, Karen DESERVES the apologies. These kids said horrible things. I just believe it's time to move forward. Really, $633,000+ is NOT chump change. In my eyes, Karen should donate a large portion of that money to some sort of anti-bullying organization, get back on the bus, stand her ground, and send a clear message to students everywhere that they too can overcome bullying. That's the purpose of her being on the bus in the first place, isn't it?

Watch the original horrifying video, here:

What do you think of the situation surrounding Karen Klein?


Image via CapitalTrigga/ YouTube

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