School Bus Monitor's Tormentors Weren't the First Bullies Caught on Video

phone video cameraAs the recent, shameful incident involving the 68-year-old school bus monitor proves, the bullying "epidemic" just keeps getting worse and worse. But thank god Karen Klein's horrible encounter was caught on tape! Because as difficult as that video is to watch, it's also the reason why those bullies will most likely never push anybody around ever again. (The death threats were a bit much, but still.) Hopefully what happened to those mean, nasty kids will make other potential bullies think before they act. And they weren't even the first bullies to be snagged on video!

Do you remember any of these crazy moments?!


1. Bully Gets Bullied! 16-year-old Casey Heynes of Austraila hit virtual hero status when a video of the boy turning the table on his bully (in a BIG way) went viral. Unfortunately Heynes got suspended for the fight, but his bully will never bully anybody again -- not after Heynes broke his shin and smashed his nose.

2. Horrible Teachers Caught Bullying Special Needs Kid Okay, these bullies were actually caught on audio tape, not video, but that was enough: Stuart Chaifetz suspected something wasn't right when his autistic son, 10-year-old Akian, started acting out. So he sent Akian to school wearing a wire, and boy, were his suspicions confirmed! In the worst way: Hours and hours of verbal humiliation. Ugh.

3. 13-Year-Old Boy Attacked by 7 Bullies And to think, somebody caught it all on a cell phone camera: A young teen kicked, dragged through the snow, thrown into a tree and worse by 7 classmates. 7!! (6 of whom were arrested, thank god.)

4. Gay student viciously attacked in classroom I still can't believe this bully actually had the audacity to commit his crime IN the classroom. And he only got a 3 day suspension for breaking the kid's teeth.

Yikes. Hopefully we won't be adding too many more of these bullying-on-video incidents to the list!

Do you think fear of being filmed will stop potential bullies?


Image via Satish Krishnamurthy/Flickr



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