Dad Spanking Daughter's Boyfriend Video Looks Too Depraved to Be Real (VIDEO)

spanking dadSo this happened: A man spanked his teenage daughter's adult boyfriend for having sex with her. Supposedly he gave the young man a choice between getting a spanking or a full-on ass whupping. Boyfriend went with the spanking.

(Cue sleazy porn music.) The strangely calm dad made the young man lie down on his belly. He roughly pulled down his pants and underwear. Goose pimple sprang up on the man's bare buttocks, now exposed for all the world to see thanks to the dad's videotaping friend. The dad slapped those springy butt cheeks, over and over, until the young man cried out in surrender. "Enough dude! I ain't even gonna be able to sit, dude!"

Is it just my twisted mind, or is this the frumpy suburban dad version of 50 Shades of Grey


Right, so that's not weird at all. Nope, definitely not kinky. Not reminding me of that S&M scene from Pulp Fiction.

Okay, DUDE. If you're really so concerned about protecting your supposedly 15-year-old daughter from some lecherous, supposedly 27-year-old guy, why don't you have him arrested and have a serious conversation with your daughter?

And this boyfriend. What kind of a man would let his girlfriend's dad spank him just to avoid a real fist fight or jail time? I guess the dad was trying to humiliate him so he won't come 'round no more. It's just your suburban garden variety psycho-sexual hyper-masculine pissing match. Heh heh, that's all!

Or it's a really weird sex video with bad costuming and dialogue. Either way it's kind of sad. Also: Ew.

What do you really think is going on here?


Image via rassule/YouTube

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