Woman Hiding in Suitcase From Cops Only Got a Ticket to Jail

suitcaseSsh. I have a secret to tell you. If there's ever someone after you and you need to hide, get in a suitcase. That's right, zip yourself right into a suitcase, close your eyes, and picture where you want to be. Somewhere warm and beachy, perhaps, like Maui? Or perhaps you prefer the old-world scene, like Prague or Istanbul?

Either way, you will soon be transported far, far beyond the dreary realm of, say, your bedroom. And those cops who are chasing after you. This, at least, seems to be what one Pennsylvania woman was hoping when she hid in her suitcase while on the lam from the law.


The 28-year-old woman had apparently skipped out on two courtdates regarding charges stemming from fraud, theft, and drugs. (And possibly bad eyebrows. Check them out.) So the woman, Charley Fretz, was on her front porch when the men in blue showed up to retrieve her.

Reports say she ran into the house and upstairs into her bedroom. Lo! There was the magic suitcase. If, perchance, she was able to get into it and there hide from the bad law guys, maybe she could be magically transported somewhere peaceful, pleasant, and cop-free. I mean, that happens with carpets, right?

So Fretz had her boyfriend zip her into the luggage. Her boyfriend then allegedly jumped out the window. Which was a lot smarter than jumping into a suitcase, if you ask me.

It didn't take long for cops for discover Fretz inside the suitcase. Was it Samsonite? TravelPro? Delusional? No word on whether cops escorted her out of her house on foot, or merely rolled her to the pokey.

Have you ever hid in a strange place?

Image via Emma McCleary/Flickr

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