Murdered Mom & Young Sons Were Trying to 'Break Free' From Abusive Boyfriend

Brandy Cerny
Brandy Cerny
A little boy was taken off life support by his grieving family last night in a Texas hospital. Jaydin Thompson’s death is the third his family has to come to grips with after cops say his mom's boyfriend shot the 6-year-old and his 1-year-old half-brother in a hotel. Demond Bluntson has also been charged with murder in the death of the boys' mother, Brandy Cerny.

I didn't think the story could get much more sad. That is until I heard what Brandy Cerny's family had to say about the 28-year-old mom and her relationship with Bluntson. It sounds eerily like the writing was on the wall here.


According to Cerny's great-aunt, the mother of two knew the father of her younger child was trouble long before he allegedly killed her and the kids. And she was trying to do something about it. Brandy Cerny had already broken up with Bluntson, and she was pursuing her master's degree to try to give her kids a better life. As Dianne Cerny said:

Our hearts are forever broken and we as a family speak out against domestic violence and ask that anyone who feels threatened seek the necessary help to break free. Brandy was in the process of breaking free.

Sadly, that's the way it happens so often with domestic violence cases. You hear all the time: "why doesn't she just leave?" But as this sad case goes to show, nothing is that simple.

A man or a woman tries to get away from their abuser, but it's not as easy as just "breaking up" with someone. I'm sure things were complicated for Cerny by the fact that she and Bluntson had a child, 1-year-old Davian, in common.

But even without a child, domestic abuse victims are advised to go to pretty extreme lengths to protect themselves. I'm talking everything from moving to a new home with an unlisted number to at times changing where you shop and finding new routes to work. Some victims are even advised to change jobs.

It's easy to judge victims for "staying" or "not doing enough," but no one deserves the horror that's been visited on the Cerny family this week. No one.

How does this case impact your thoughts on domestic violence?


Image via Laredo Police

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