Angry Parents Allegedly Plant Drugs on PTA President in Bizarre Revenge Plot

jill and kent easterIt used to be that parents would air their grievances with a good ol' parent-teacher conference or hit the mic at a PTA meeting. Not anymore. Two Irvine, California parents are accused of planting drugs in the car of a school volunteer they had beef with.

Police say Jill and Kent Easter -- both attorneys by the way -- hatched this hair-brained plan to frame PTA President Kelli Peters, who the Easters say mistreated their son.

Kent allegedly put marijuana and Vicodin in her unlocked car and anonymously called police saying he saw her driving erratically to the school and stash the drugs in the back seat.


Problem is, he wasn't dealing with a bunch of Barney Fifes. The cops were able to figure out that the drugs didn't belong to Peters and traced the call and drugs back to Kent. The Easters were arrested and charged with conspiracy to procure false arrest, false imprisonment, and conspiracy to falsely report a crime.

The feud began a few years back when the Easters say their kid was in an after-school program and Peters locked him out of the building for 19 minutes. A tennis instructor found the boy crying and alone. They filed a civil complaint about the incident, but the case was dismissed. There are also reports that Jill Easter filed a restraining order against the woman, accusing her of "harassing and stalking" her and her son and that she had "threatened to kill me" before supposedly trying to frame Peters.

I swear, this sounds more like a Spanish telenovela than reality. What pushes people to this point? Of course they have a right to be upset if they believe someone is mistreating their kid, but did they think this convoluted set-up was a smart move? They are lawyers. They have probably caught an episode or two of CSI. If they did in fact do this, did they really think they would get away with with it? The whole story is just too bizarre.

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Have you heard of a more strange revenge plot?

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