Sandusky's Creepy Lawyer Compares the Child Sex Abuse Case to Soap Opera

Jerry SanduskyTalk about a lesson in going with your gut. From the get-go, former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky's lawyer has rubbed me the wrong way. And now Joe Amendola's creep factor has gone through the roof.

Before the official announcement came that Sandusky would not take the stand in his own defense, news media report that they asked Amendola what their client would do. His response? Jokes about soap operas.

Ahem. Ladies and gentleman of the public. Doesn't this lawyer realize he's representing a man on charges of sexually abusing children?


There is a time for joking. And this ain't it. And yet, when asked about Sandusky's defense, this is what Amendola had to say:

Stay tuned it's like a soap opera, you have to wait and see if you know the answers it takes all of the excitement out of it.

Oh, but it got worse! Amendola then started naming soap operas! He actually compared the alleged molestation of innocent children to the show All My Children!

He couldn't see the twisted irony in that comment, and people actually hire this man to stand in a courtroom and speak on their behalf? I know I'd strike him off my list immediately if I were scouting for an attorney.

Listen, folks, I understand that it is Amendola's job to say that his client is not guilty. He is being paid to make Jerry Sandusky look like a saint. But a little respect for the gravity of the charges levied against his client is in order here.

Whether or not the alleged victims in this case are telling the truth, what is on the table right now is heinous. People who abuse children are considered the lowest of the low in prison for a reason: because they have chosen the weakest members of our society to hurt.

If someone can laugh and poke fun when there are children crying out that they were defiled, what other serious matters are they unable to handle? The defense of someone's life perhaps?

Here's a little more on the case to catch you up on why Sandusky didn't actually take the stand:

How do you take Amendola's comments? Are they harmless banter with reporters or inappropriate?


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