School Bus Monitor's Horrible Treatment Inspires Fundraiser to Send Her on Vacation (VIDEO)

karen kleinOnce in a very great while, a news story turns from tragic to triumphant overnight. Literally. I'm beyond thrilled to report that yesterday's sickening tale of Karen Klein, the elderly school bus monitor bullied to tears by a bunch of bratty kids, has turned out to be one of these rare miracles: An online fundraiser called "Let's Give Karen -- The Bus Monitor -- Klein a Vacation," started by one of the thousands of people around the world who were completely outraged by the treatment Klein received, has already raised over $144,000.

I sincerely hope the vile kid who yelled, "You're so f**kin' poor, you fat a**" feels like a complete and total fool. I also hope that when and if Klein takes her entire family on a Disney cruise (as she's mentioned wanting to do), she sends those kids tons and tons and tons of postcards: "DON'T wish you were here!"


Especially because the story gets even more heartbreaking as more details are revealed. The worst part? One of the most heartless comments made in the video was "you're so ugly your kid should kill themselves." Klein's son committed suicide just 10 years ago.

So horrible. Utterly detestable. Even as a grandmother of eight who was a school bus driver for 20 years and has been a bus monitor for three years, Klein was blown away by this particular display of cruelty:

"Sometimes you expect kids to be like they acted, but not that bad. They weren't that bad all year. That one day, I don't know what possessed them."

Possessed is right. The little demons. School officials said there will be disciplinary actions taken, no details involving the punishment have been released yet. I just hope it fits the crime.

Have fun on your cruise, Karen!! You deserve it!!

What do you think Karen Klein should do with the money?

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