Man Blows $80,000 on Bucket List & Then Finds Out He's Not Dying

If diagnosed with a terminal disease and given only months left to live, many of us would do just what this couple did: Compile a bucket list and rapidly begin checking things off it. But what usually wouldn't cross our minds is, What if the diagnosis is wrong? That's what happened to married New Zealand couple Frank and Wilma (who didn't want to reveal their last names).

Frank was given a terminal cancer diagnosis, so he and his wife sold their house and decided to live it up until Frank's final moments. There's just one problem: The only thing that kicked the bucket was their bank account.


After getting the devastating news that Frank had cancer and only a few months left, the couple decided to sell their home at a major loss, and put their trips to places like Australia and Fiji on the credit cards. Wilma expected that Frank's life insurance payout would eventually wipe her debt clean. Only ... Frank's still alive. And, well, it turned out he didn't have cancer after all. Whoops!

You'd think the pair would be so ecstatic about this turn of events that they'd be celebrating from morning 'til night, but instead they lodged a complaint with medical authorities. Because now they are $80,000 in debt.

Hey, I think this couple needs to look on the bright side. We're always told to live life as if we're going to die tomorrow, and that's exactly what they did! Yeah, it now means they don't have a house to live in -- but they have memories.

By the time most of us are told we're dying, we're too sick or old to travel around the world and go on adventures, but not this couple. And unlike most bucket listers, these two can look at their bucket photo album for a long time!

Anyway, it's too bad they didn't stick with the Sexual Bucket List. It sounds a lot more fun and most of it costs nothing.

What would you do for your bucket list?


Image via Don DeBold/Flickr

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