Elizabeth Edwards Tormented John About His Mistress in a Twisted Way

rielleRielle Hunter's new tell-all What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me has a long list of seedy revelations: sneaking into his hotel room, paparazzi chases, his relationship with their love child. 

Though the most sad and shocking tidbit from the bio is that Elizabeth Edwards kept a picture of John and Rielle as her screensaver.


In an excerpt printed in People Magazine, she described how Edwards' cancer-stricken wife first reacted to news of the affair.

Elizabeth requested all the tapes (I’d made of the campaign). She locked herself in a room to watch. On one tape she saw Johnny walking into a room and his reaction to seeing me. She apparently told him that he never once looked at her the way he looked at me. So she took that bit and put it on her computer as a screen saver in order to watch it over and over again.

The poor woman probably thought she was tormenting her cheating husband, using the image as a painful reminder of his foolish, political career-killing indiscretion. But in an attempt to punish John, Elizabeth was ultimately just tormenting herself.

I can't imagine she didn't bristle every time the image popped onto the screen. No doubt she was in agony over her marriage crumbling and the public humiliation. Wouldn't a move like this only dig the knife in deeper.

And I am sure Elizabeth is rolling her eyes from the great beyond about Rielle's lingering feelings for the ex-Senator: “I’m still in love with John,” she wrote. “That didn’t go away, shockingly enough. Marriage? I have no idea. I’m not a big fan of the institution, but never say never.”

Well Rielle, I just have one bit of advice for you, compliments of my Granny Ethel Mae: If he'll do it with you, he'll do it to you!

Are you shocked Elizabeth Edwards used an image of her husband and his mistress as a screensaver?


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