Dad Who Killed Daughter's Molester Isn't a Threat to Society

gavelIt's official. The Texas dad who killed the man he found molesting his daughter will not face charges. But this is not a simple case of "bad pedophile needed to die," folks.

The death of Jesus Mora Flores was treated appropriately by law enforcement in Texas. It prompted an official homicide investigation. And chilling new details released on the case show the real reason the 23-year-old father (whose name is still being withheld to protect his poor daughter's identity as a sexual abuse victim) is getting off has more to do with how he acted than how much Flores' life is worth.


That's an important distinction. The death of a man is not something we can take lightly, even if he was a sick, depraved individual who cops say preyed on a little girl. We can't, as a society, just go around killing off the people we think are "bad." It would be like a return to the Wild West, and the police wouldn't be able to keep up with it all. Every killing would still require an investigation, and the definition of who really was "bad enough" would be more or less impossible to develop.

Which is why I can't help stressing over and over and over again that this isn't what the poor dad in Texas did. He didn't seek out a pedophile. He stumbled upon him, in the act, and tried to defend his child.

That's distinction number one.

Number two? The dad showed remorse for beating his daughter's molester, and we've now learned that he literally tried to save the man's life. The Texas dad call 911 and begged them to send an ambulance. He even offered to drive the guy to a hospital himself!

Pretty clear that the dad wasn't a vigilante or a cold-blood killer, right? That's why it's OK that he's on the streets today. Not because he is some great man for taking out a pedophile, but because he isn't a threat to society at large.

Now let's hope he and his daughter both get some good counseling and find a way to put this horrific ordeal behind them.

How do you feel about the way this whole case was handled by the authorities in Texas?


Image via steakpinball/Flickr

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