Dead Dog Gets Voter Registration Form in the Mail -- Yep, Dead AND a Dog!

voting formIn case you've missed all the ads and giant campaign tour buses, this election season is going to be a biggie. So you might want to check around the doghouse in your backyard to make sure your pet hasn't gotten a voter registration form in the mail. Hey: stranger things have happened. Virginia resident Tim Morris' DEAD dog got an invite to help pick the next president.

Mozart "Mo" Morris would technically be of voting age this year, but he went to the eternal puppy playland in the sky two years ago at 17. Oh yeah, and he doesn't have opposable thumbs. Or you know, citizenship (not technically!).


So we have to wonder how Mo's name got on their list in the first place. Was he, perhaps, carrying on a long distance relationship with Socks or Buddy before he died? Maybe he knew Miss Beazley long before President George W. Bush gifted the terrier to his wife? I smell a conspiracy!

OK. OK. Joke's over.

Fact is, folks, this story is laughable only because the dead poodle's former owners were honest (and smart) enough not to fill out the form from the Voter Participation Center and pass someone off as 19-year-old Mo Morris at the polls in the fall. Just imagine if they hadn't. Go ahead. I'll wait. 

Scary, huh? We hear about voter registration fraud perpetrated by people who are purposely trying to game the system. But if dead dogs are getting the opportunity to register to vote, it doesn't even sound like you have to try hard to play around with the voting process. You can just wait for the folks at the board of elections to screw up royally. 

And this is far from the first time that has happened. Remember the 5-year-old boy who was in the news for awhile because he'd gotten a voter registration form in the mail during the last presidential election? Check your mail folks ... you never know who's getting on next. 

How hard is it to register to vote in your neck of the woods? Has your pet gotten an offer? How about your kid?


Image via Muffet/Flickr

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