Mom Who Lost Her 3 Kids in Christmas Fire Tells Her Story & We Cry With Her (VIDEO)

madonna badgerSix months after the house fire that killed her three children, Madonna Badger is talking about that horrifying Christmas Eve. Her full interview will air Thursday night on Rock Center With Brian Williams but a segment is online -- and it's incredibly painful to watch.

Madonna recalls the moments immediately after her rescue. Her mouth and nose were filled with smoke and there was chaos all around her. It was hard to tell what was going on and all she wanted to know was, "Where are my babies?"


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God, it's so awful. When the paramedics started yelling to turn off the radio, she knew that something terrible had happened to her children. She didn't yet know how bad it was, but she knew it was bad enough that EMS didn't want her to find out yet. Can you imagine?

Looking over the story from last year, I remembered that Madonna had tried to commit suicide shortly after the fire. And I can see why. I'm glad she didn't kill herself -- but I can understand the despair she must have felt. And that's what makes her interview this week so brave.

I can't imagine living through that and then telling the story. But then, I can't imagine living through that and not telling the story. She has to. And as a fellow mom, I feel like I should witness her story. I don't want to -- and I'm not saying all moms should. But somehow, in some way, I feel like hearing Madonna tell her story and sharing in her sorrow is one small way I can support her.

Will you be watching Madonna's interview Thursday night?


Image via MSNBC

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