Man With 100-Pound Scrotum Should Really, Really, Really Accept Free Surgery (VIDEO)

testicle fruitYou know how you feel like everybody's staring when you have a zit or a bruise or some other relatively small flaw that feels disproportionately gigantic? Well, let me tell you what. Once you see Wesley Warren Jr. of Las Vegas, you'll never feel self-conscious about anything like a pimple again. Nope. Not ever. Because what the very unfortunate Mr. Warren has to deal with is ... um ... well, it's a huge drag.

Seriously, I wouldn't wish Warren's fate on my worst enemy. The 47-year-old is suffering from ... oh man. He developed an abnormal growth ... okay, deep breath. I'm afraid there's just no way to put this delicately, so brace yourself: Wesley Warren suffers from an extremely rare condition called scrotal elephantiasis, which has caused his scrotum to swell so much that it now weighs 100 pounds.

But wait, there's more.


Warren's medical problem has gained him a bit of notoriety, as you might imagine (it's not like he can hide it). He's even become something of a celebrity, making appearances on shows including Tosh.O and Howard Stern. In fact, Dr. Oz even offered to pay for the entire surgery -- that's a price tag of a million bucks -- on the condition that the Dr. Oz Show would then own the rights to Warren's story.

Warren "said he didn't take the TV program up on its offer because Howard Stern wanted him on his show again."

Dude!!! Okay, I understand you've been through quite a lot -- actually, I don't understand and I'm not even going to pretend to understand because that would be an insult to the very unique personal hell you've had to endure. So I don't really know where you're coming from or why going back on Howard Stern is such a big deal, but YOU REALLY NEED THIS SURGERY.

If you're feeling brave, check out this video clip and then tell me ...

Don't you think Wesley Warren should accept the surgery offer to fix his 100-pound scrotum?

Image via Martin Cassidy/Flickr

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