Dad Beheads Daughter Because He Thinks She’s Promiscuous

swordA man upset about his daughter's dating habits chopped off her head with a sword, then paraded it around their village in India.

Oghad Singh had accused his 20-year-old daughter Kanwar of bringing dishonor to the family because of her affairs with men. Police say he became enraged when he found out she had secretly eloped with one of them, forced her to return home, and then cut off her head a day later.


Kanwar's choices, including leaving her husband from an arranged marriage two years earlier, were tough for her traditional community of 1,000 to accept. Still, villagers were horrified by her father's actions and he later turned himself in carrying both the head and sword into the police station.

This story is appalling for so many reasons. When it comes to sexuality, double standards are common in every culture, the United States included. While boys are encouraged to sow their wild oats, girls are expected to suppress their sexuality. Even today, people often place women in just two categories -- virgin or whore. It feels as though we still can't openly express our desires and act on them without judgement. 

Of course, this particular story is an extreme case in another country, but it also speaks of a worldwide epidemic of violence against women. The fact of the matter is, in the US 1 in 4 women will be the victim of domestic violence. And almost one-third of female murder victims here are killed by a partner or family member. It's a shameful reality we just can't ignore.

Do you think women still face a double standard when it comes to sexuality?


Image via Albion Europe Aps/Flickr

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